Package: reportbug
Version: 6.6.6

-Is there a devil in here? Or is this a joke?

reportbug seems to be broken on stretch as of a few months ago.

I thought as many do via relay chat that this was limited to gmail. It isnt.

something has broken smtp auth and ssl auth for reportbug.

I get one of the following bugs:(yes, ive turned off the gmail restriction)

smtp auth failed at server XYZ
(please re-enter password)
login timeout

-server does not support TLS- (therefore disabled and tried again, back to 

nothing succeeds.

Ive tried juno and gmail, and I believe comcast. Im doing everything by the 
book. All of a sudden things stopped. google is demanding your blood type to 
use thier services these days.

-but nothing else works.

I dont mind the manual reporting but Id rather use a seperate email than my 
primary, most reporting systems flood your inbox.

I have several bugs to report or add info to.

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