Mianeh - IWPR's new platform for dialogue & debate in & on Iran

A unique, independent initiative to promote dialogue, debate and understanding 
among Iranians and between Iran and the international community has just been 
launched by the Institute for War & Reporting (IWPR), the media development 
network headquartered in London.

The Farsi- and English-language website Mianeh (middle or neutral) aims to be 
an open space for ideas, news and debate where  writers inside Iran can reach 
out to each other as well as to international audiences. The website ( 
www.mianeh.net <http://www.mianeh.net/>  ) launches with a first package of 10 
stories examining international, nuclear and regional issues as well as 
exploring Internet filtering, censorship and the role of the student movement.  

The project has been conceived and developed by IWPR, winner of A OneWorld 
Media award for "outstanding contribution toward greater world understanding". 
IWPR ( www.iwpr.net <http://www.iwpr.net/>  ) is an independent non-for-profit 
organisation governed by boards of journalists, academics and peace activists 
and supported by a wide range of individual, foundation and governmental 

Photojournalism, blogs, podcasts and online debates and discussions are planned 
as the project develops in the coming months, with individual donation and 
foundation support being sought - particularly from Muslim communities around 
the world. No state funds will be used to pay contributors. All articles 
commissioned will be sympathetically translated and edited in the English 
section, checked back with the authors and disseminated via free email 
subscription. All material may be republished freely by others provided the 
author and the Mianeh site is sourced and material is not re-edited.

Mianeh aims to fully respect and support the identity, national sovereignty and 
the constitution of the Islamic Republic throughout. Editorial policy is built 
on the belief that the question of how Iran should develop is strictly a matter 
for the citizens of Iran. IRNA, the Islamic Republic News Agency in Tehran has 
already reported on the launch of Mianeh and its desire for "feedback, 
criticism and suggestions on how to keep it free and fair". We are already 
talking to the authorities about the possibility of organising debates and 
discussions inside and outside Iran.

While appreciating that some of our writers have requested to use pseudonyms to 
begin with and as the site gets going, Mianeh is strongly urging all 
contributors in the future to write under their real names in the spirit of 
full openness and proper debate. We will not publish anything sent in 
anonymously. International readers are encouraged to participate in the online 
forums and debates.

IWPR also works to build capacity, cross-border and cultural networks and 
provide platforms for local voices in Afghanistan, Iraq, Central Asia, the 
Balkans, the Caucasus, Zimbabwe and Uganda. We also run international justice 
programming with a new media project starting in the Philippines. For more 
information about Mianeh or IWPR visit either website www.mianeh.net 
<http://www.mianeh.net/>  or www.iwpr.net <http://www.iwpr.net/>  , or email 

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