Hello All:
While playing around heavily between settings in Analog.cfg and
RMAGIC.ini ... suddenly I get the following error when I run rmagic.exe
D:\Program Files\Analog\ReportMagic>D:\
Report Magic 2.21
Copyright (C) 1999-2003 Wadsack-Allen. All rights reserved.
rmagic: ERROR: Could not open a default settings file matching, RMAGIC.*.

D:\Program Files\Analog\ReportMagic>

I've rebooted
I verified that rmagic.ini is there; is not locked nor hidden
I  made a new ini file and renamed the old one

The files are in the correct directory. Nothing else has changed, that
I am aware of, in the last two hours that I have been playing with
these programs.

As I experiment with settings, I am running rmagic from the Explorer
Window pane. Other than making a batch file to try and see where the
system was located after I saw the errors.

Robert D.

Firefox 1.5

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