SMS in the U.S. - The Right Technology for Cellular Messaging Success?

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 Text Messaging, or SMS, has been hugely successful in many parts of the
world, but not so in the United States. Why is this and will SMS ever be as
popular in the U.S. market as elsewhere?

 With 270 billion messages sent globally last year, and the figure
continuing to grow year-on-year, this communications tool has revolutionized
the way that consumers and businesses across the world interact. Pricing
issues and a lack of awareness of the service, are both factors that can be
easily overcome by American carriers, so why else has the US market really
failed to embrace SMS technology as widely as elsewhere in the world? Will
another non-voice cellular communications technology, such as MMS, Mobile
Instant Messaging or Mobile E-mail, fuel data-revenue growth in the U.S.

 This visiongain report "SMS in the U.S. - The Right Technology for Cellular
Messaging Success?" investigates the American market, and explains why SMS
has not reached European levels of usage.  The report also details what work
must be completed to tap into this vital non-voice revenue potential, and
where MMS, mobile IM and E-mail will be positioned in the market over the
coming years.

 There are extensive examples across the globe of how the SMS market has
exploded into a wealth of instant communications situations, thereby vastly
improving the quality, interactivity and cost of advertising, media, and
business, and at the same time generating vital revenues across the wireless
industry. Which of these applications and models will work in America?

 This 100+ page report discusses the cellular situation in the United
States, visiongain explains what the future holds for non-voice messaging
services between 2004-2009 in this marketplace. By studying trends and
business models from Europe and Asia, and the SMS strategies and solutions
of the major U.S. carriers this report provides recommendations and
forecasts to help companies understand the market potential of SMS, and
other non-voice cellular communications technologies in the U.S. This report
also studies the psychology of both the European and American consumer in
order to offer an understanding of what action needs to be taken to realize
the market opportunities in the U.S.

 Below is the short then full table of contents:

 SMS in the U.S.
 1. Introduction
 2. Technology
 3. U.S. Market
 4. Global Attitudes
 5. Attitudes Towards Wireless Communications
 6. SMS Compared to Other Messaging Systems
 7. Conclusions, Recommendations, Forecasts

 SMS in the U.S. - Full Table of Contents
 Chapter 1. Introduction
 1.1    Making SMS Available in the U.S.
 Table 1. SMS growth comparisons for the months of January 2003 and 2004
 1.2    Global Success
 1.2.1 The success of SMS in the Philippines
 Graph 1. SMS sent daily in the Philippines, UK and U.S. (millions)
 1.2.2 The success of SMS in UK
 1.3    SMS America
 Graph 2. American Teenagers Penetration Rate in 2004
 1.4    Focus of this Report

 Chapter 2. Technology
 2.1    Brief History of SMS
 Graph 3. Examples of SMS usage
 2.1.1 Person to Person Messaging
 Table 2. The evolutionary path of SMS
 2.2    Store and Forward
 2.3    Examining Network Elements
 2.3.1 SME
 2.3.2 ESME
 2.3.3 SMSC
 2.3.4 HLR
 2.3.5  VLR
 2.3.6  MSC
 2.3.7  Air Interface
 2.3.8 BSS
 2.3.9 Mobile Device
 2.4    MO-SM and MT-SM
 2.5    GSM and IS-41
 Figure 1.      MO-SM Architecture (GSM)
 2.6    SMS Delivery on GSM Networks
 Figure 2.      MT-SM Architecture (GSM)
 Figure 3.      MO-SM Architecture (IS-41)
 2.7    SMS Delivery on IS-41 Networks>
 Figure 4.      MT-SM Architecture (IS-41)
 2.8    Example of MO-SM
 2.9    Example of MT-SM
 2.10   Alternative Sources and Destinations
 2.11   Signaling System (SS7)
 2.11.1 Signaling System (SS7)
 2.11.2 Signaling Transfer Point (STP)
 2.11.3 Service Switching Point (SSP)
 2.11.4 Signaling Gateway (SG)
 2.11.5 The Mobile Application Part (MAP)
 Table 3. Basic MAP Operations Employed to Provide End-to-End Messaging by
GSM and IS-41 Networks
 Table 4. Breakdown of SMS users in the UK by gender, social class, and age
 2.12   Identification of types of Messaging Service
 2.13   Availability
 Table 5. Availability of SMS over various network standards
 2.14   National and International Internetworking
 2.15   Satellite Mobile Messaging
 2.16   Ringtones - The Technical Side
 2.17   Nokia Smart Messaging Protocol
 2.18   Other Proprietary Protocols
 2.19   MMS

 Chapter 3. U.S. Market
 3.1    Overview of U.S. Cellular Market
 Graph 4.Mobile penetration by gender, age and income
 3.2    The Big Six
 3.2.1 Overview of the Big Six
 Graph 5.Subscriber numbers per carrier (millions) AT&T Wireless Cingular
 Table 6.U.S. Carriers Offering SMS Nextel Verizon Wireless T-Mobile Sprint PCS
 3.2.2 Technologies Adopted AT&T Wireless Cingular Nextel Verizon T-Mobile Sprint PCS
 3.3    Costs for Texting
 Table 7.Big Six SMS bundle packages
 3.3.1 Texting Packages
 3.3.2 Best Deals
 3.3.3 Pricing Conclusions
 Table 8. Carrier Revenues 2003
 3.4    Big Six Revenues
 Table 9. Carrier ARPU average in 2003
 3.5    Premium SMS
 3.6    SMS User Profile
 3.7    Interconnection
 3.7.1 Interconnection Value-Chain

 Chapter 4. Global Attitudes
 4.1    Global Social Acceptance
 4.1.1 U.S. Vs British Attitudes to SMS
 4.1.2 U.S. Vs Asian Attitudes
 4.2    SMS in Business
 4.2.1 SMS in UK Business
 Graph 6. UK Business SMS Usage Percentage for Media Business Adoption in U.S
 Graph 7.American Business SMS Usage Audience for SMS Use in Business
 4.2.2 Examples of SMS in Global Business SMS and Banking SMS and E-Mail Business Integration
 4.2.3 SMS in American Business B2C B2E Paging P2P
 4.2.4 Lack of Enterprise Customers
 4.3.   SMS in Marketing
 Graph 8. Mobile Media User Percentages
 4.3.1 Subscriber Privacy Community Growth
 Graph 9.SMS in Advertising Study Market Research
 4.3.2 Examples of SMS in Marketing Ticketing Entertainment Industry Advertising Wireless Advertising Agencies
 4.4    SMS and Religion
 4.5    SMS in Literature and Education
 4.6    SMS in Charity
 Graph 10. SMS charity supporters and revenue
 4.7    SMS and Public Policy
 4.7.1 SMS in American Politics
 4.8    SMS and Television
 Graph 11. Breakdown of Euro for Premium SMS in Europe
 4.8.1  Interactive Features of Television SMS TV Voting Games
 Graph 12. Big Brother Voting Statistics Subscription Services

 Chapter 5. Attitudes Towards Wireless Communications
 5.1    American Attitudes
 5.2    Cell Etiquette and the Role of SMS
 5.2.1 Consumer Habits
 Graph 13.Cell etiquette survey results
 5.2.2 Carrier Roles Sprint Survey
 Graph 14.Sprint survey results AT&T Survey
 Graph 15.AT&T Wireless survey: % of people who think usage promotes
 Graph 16.AT&T Wireless survey: % of people do not use service feature
 5.3    Disadvantages of Constant Availability
 5.4    SMS Solutions to Etiquette Concerns
 Table 10. SMS Advantages and Disadvantages

 Chapter 6. SMS Compared to Other Messaging Systems
 6.1    Overview of Rival Technologies on the Market
 Graph 17. Percentage of Survey Respondents Interested in Non-Voice Wireless
Communication Services
 6.1.1 Instant Messaging
 6.1.2 Mobile IM
 Table 11. Advantages of SMS and MIM>
 6.1.3 AOL Mobile IM
 6.1.4 MSN Messenger Goes Mobile
 6.1.5 Threat of MIM to SMS
 6.2    Threat of MMS to SMS Uptake?
 Graph 18. Ages of MMS User Penetration
 6.3    Push To Talk
 6.4    Mobile E-mail

 Chapter 7. Conclusions, Recommendations, Forecasts
 7.1    SMS in Review
 7.1.1 Factors for Success of SMS
 Graph 19. Internet Penetration in Europe and N. America Cultural Factors Technological Factors Commercial Factors
 7.1.2 Importance of Generating Revenue Through Messaging
 7.2    Telecoms Development
 7.2.1 Framework to Consider: Users
 7.3    Carrier Recommendations for SMS and MMS
 7.3.1 Pricing
 7.3.2 Interoperability
 7.3.3 Carrier-to-Carrier Uniformity
 7.4    Consumer Targeting
 7.4.1 Youth Market Potential
 7.4.2 Key Strategies
 7.5    Forecasts
 7.5.1 Global Forecast
 Graph 20. SMS Sent Globally
 Graph 21. Percentage of Global Revenue for Data Services
 7.5.2 Overall Increase in the U.S.
 Graph 22. Increase of SMS users in U.S.
 Graph 23. SMS Revenue in USD billion
 Graph 24. SMS percentage of carrier revenue in U.S.
 Graph 25. Service Revenue Percentage from Mobile E-Mail in the U.S.
 7.5.3 Threat of MMS?
 Table 12. European Totals for MMS 2003
 7.5.4 Threat of Mobile E-Mail and Mobile IM
 7.6    Conclusion

 Companies and Organisations mentioned in this report
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