US 3G and wireless data services: market analysis and forecasts 2005-2010
brand new visiongain report

 For a number of years the European and Asian cellular phone industries have
regarded themselves advanced from the US market, however, times are
changing. With the launch of 3G services now starting to take place by
network operators around the world, the US cellular industry is proving that
it> '> s fast catching up.

 The competitive situation in the US market and a slowness to license new
spectrum has forced the biggest mobile operators to speed up the deployments
of high-speed data services within their existing bands initially allocated
for the PCS systems. With some of the key operators already launching 3G
services in key markets, the US cellular industry is proving that, yet
again, it's not taking its future lightly.

* Do you know what the 3G and wireless data strategy and plans of the key
players are in the US market?
* How will this affect your company's future?
* How can you make the most of the potential opportunities that will arise?

 A new report published by visiongain, "US 3G and wireless data services:
market analysis and forecasts 2005-2010" , provides American, European and
Asian companies with a thorough overall picture of what is happening in with
US wireless data market. The report discusses network infrastructure
deployment, and provides an in-depth focus on the country's biggest mobile
operators and their expected 3G strategies. Special attention is paid to the
3G standards types, revenue models, mobile data services, and thorough
analysis of future developments in the US mobile telecoms market is provided
along with total cellular subscriber and technology growth forecasts through
to 2010.

 With data expected to account for nearly 30 percent of total service
revenues in the future, as an American company, are you making the most of
the new trends of usage of data services on cell phones? Can your products
further maximise their potential in the US cellular data marketplace?

 For European and Asian companies, are you looking to get into the US
cellular data market? The report provides key insight into this highly
lucrative marketplace and offers an understanding of what services are
currently being adopted. Buying this report will be a great step to planning
your entry to this profitable market.

If you are looking at the US cellular data market, this report is a vital
research tool.

Chapter 1. Executive Summary
Table 1. 3G spectrum allocation by country
1.1 Defining 3G systems
Table 2. 3G capability requirements
1.2 Brief overview of the US 3G market
Table 3. Top US wireless carriers
1.2.1 3G deployment problems faced by US carriers  Frequency allocation
Table 4. Top US carriers and their technology paths  Differences in standards
Table 5. Path towards 3G in the US - breakdown by national operators  Overcrowding in the marketplace?
1.3 Mobile data services are emerging in the US
1.4 Focus of this report

Chapter 2. US cellular market: consolidation prior 3G launch
2.1 3G in the US: last preparations made
2.1.1 Mobile operators in the US start recognizing the importance of mobile
data services
Chart 1. Data as of total revenues by select operators in Europe and Asia  Recommendations for stimulating US mobile data market
2.1.2 How US operators can benefit from late 3G deployments worldwide
2.2 Spectrum allocation battles in the US
Chart 2. Division of 300-3000 MHz spectrum between government and non
government organizations
2.2.1 Lack of free spectrum slows down 3G
Table 6. Spectrum allocation for 2G and 3G in the US
2.2.2 Delays in radio frequencies allocation spark disputes over the
lucrative spectrum
2.3 The US government's solution promises to solve the spectrum allocation
problem by 2007

Chapter 3. 3G standards: similarities and differences
3.1 International standardization of 3G
3.1.1 3GPP backs WCDMA
3.1.2 3GPP2 backs CDMA2000
3.1.3 3G standards defined by IMT-2000
3.2 Europe and America have different views on future 3G standard
3.2.1 WCDMA vs. CDMA2000
3.3 WCDMA to enter a CDMA2000 stronghold - the US market
3.4 The 3G standards compared
3.4.1 Principal features of UMTS  UTRAN
Figure 1. UMTS Structure  UTRAN interfaces  Node B  Radio Interface Protocol Architecture
Figure 2. Radio Interface Protocol Layers of UMTS Radio Interface Protocol Architecture Medium Access Control Radio Link Control Broadcast Multicast Control (BMC) Packet Data Convergence Protocol (PDCP) Radio Resource Control  WCDMA channels and codes
3.4.2 Principal Features of CDMA2000
Figure 3. Cdma2000 Network Architecture CDMA2000 channels and codes
3.4.3 Comparing WCDMA and CDMA2000
Table 7. Comparison of CDMA2000 and WCDMA  Data Rates From 3G Services
Chart 3. WCDMA and CDMA data peaks compared

Chapter 4. CDMA2000: pursuing the US market dominance
4.1 CDMA2000 global landscape
4.1.1 Breakdown by regions
Chart 4. CDMA subscriber base by region (Q1 2004)
Table 8. CDMA2000 deployments by US regional operators
4.2 Verizon Wireless
Table 9. Verizon Wireless: Company Profile
4.2.1 Verizon Wireless: brief history
4.2.2 Parent Companies: Verizon Communications and Vodafone Group
4.2.3 Verizon Wireless: 3G status
Table 10. VZW subscriber adds, ARPU, churn by quarter
Chart 5. Verizon Wireless data services percentage of total service revenues CDMA2000 1x RTT: Express Network/ NationalAccess
Table 11. Verizon Wireless NationalAccess Data Calling Plans Overview 1x EV-DO: Broadband Access
4.2.4 Verizon Wireless: mobile data services
4.2.4 1 Branded content: Get It Now
Image 1. Verizon's Get It Now logo
Table 12. Verizon Wireless's Get It Now service in detail
Image 2. Mobile Web's startpage Mobile Web Targeting corporate users: VZOffice by VZW with MSN
4.2.5 Content developers program: TheZONE
4.2.6 Will Verizon win back the title of the top mobile operator in the US? Investments into network enhancement pay off by strong customer
4.3 Sprint PCS
Table 13. Sprint PCS: Company Profile Overview
4.3.1 Sprint PCS: brief history
4.3.2 Parent Companies: Sprint Corp.
4.3.3 Sprint PCS: 3G status
Table 14. Sprint PCS subscriber adds, ARPU, churn by quarter Accelerating data usage Sprint PCS Vision
Chart 6. Sprint PCS data services percentage of total service revenues Selling network capacity Sprint partners with Qwest Will AT&T use Sprint's network Sprint invests into Virgin Mobile USA
4.3.4 Sprint PCS: mobile data services
Table 15. Sprint PCS Vision Data Plans Overview
Table 16. Sprint PCS Vision service in detail Ready Link: Sprint PCS's PTT
4.3.5 Sprint Application Developers Program
4.3.6 Sprint Nextel: merger of equals
Table 17. Terms of the Sprint Nextel merger deal
Table 18. Combined assets of Sprint and Nextel at the end of 2004
4.3.7 Sprint's future growth prospects examined

Chapter 5. Deployment of WCDMA networks in the US
5.1 US GSM operators move towards WCDMA via EDGE
Table 19. GSM growth in the US and Canada
Chart 7. GSM subscriber growth in the US and Canada
Table 20. EDGE deployment status in the US
5.1.1 GSM operators need more spectrum to deploy WCDMA in the US
5.2 Cingular Wireless
Table 21. Cingular Wireless: Company Profile
5.2.1 Cingular Wireless: brief history
5.2.2 Parent Companies: SBC Communications and BellSouth
5.2.3 Acquisition of AT&T Wireless: expanded opportunities for growth
Table 22. Combined assets of AT&TW and Cingular at the end of 2003
5.2.4 Cingular Wireless: 3G status
Table 23. Cingular subscriber adds, ARPU, churn by quarter Cingular plans HSDPA deployment
5.2.5 Cingular works to increase data usage
Table 24. Cingular Wireless Data Plans Overview
Table 25. Cingular MEdia mobile data services in detail Cingular MEdia
Table 26. Cingular phones offering games
5.2.6 Cingular developers program: developerForum
5.2.7 Cingular: 'raising the bar' after joining forces with AT&TW
5.3 AT&T Wireless deploys 3G and becomes history
Table 27. AT&T Wireless: Company Profile
5.3.1 AT&T Wireless: brief history
5.3.2 Parent Companies
5.3.3 AT&T Wireless: 3G status
Table 28. AT&TW subscriber adds, ARPU, churn by quarter AT&T Wireless aims WCDMA
Table 29. AT&T Wireless Data Plans Overview
5.3.4 AT&TW: mMode mobile data service
Table 30. AT&TW phones offering games
Table 31. AT&TW mMode mobile data services in detail Setting SMS benchmarks
5.3.5 Content developers program: devCentral
Table 32. AT&T Wireless' devCentral memberships overview
5.3.6 AT&TW: joining forces with Cingular
5.4 T-Mobile USA faces a difficult task to remain competitive in the US
Table 33. T-Mobile, USA: Company Profile
5.4.1 T-Mobile: brief history
5.4.2 Parent company: Deutsche Telekom
Chart 8. Top three telecoms operators in terms of mobile subscribers by Q3
2003 Deutsche Telekom invests in its US unit
Table 34. T-Mobile subscriber, ARPU, churn by quarter
5.4.3 T-Mobile: 3G status
Chart 9. Mobile subscriber additions by T-Mobile and Nextel quarterly
2003-2004 T-Mobile finally gets EDGE
5.4.4 T-Mobile: multimedia services
Chart 10. T-Mobile's data services percentage of postpay revenues by quarter
Table 35. T-Mobile Data Plans Overview T-Zones
Table 36. T-Mobile t-zones service in detail On the wave of innovation: HiFi Ringers
Table 37. T-Mobile phones offering games
5.4.5 T-Mobile Developer Center
5.4.6 T-Mobile needs spectrum for 3G rollout
Table 38. International handsets offered by T-Mobile USA in Q3 2004
Chart 11. T-Mobile's shares of handsets by band in the US market by Q3 2004

Chapter 6. 3G Alternatives
6.1 Nextel Communications
Table 39. Nextel: Company Profile
6.1.1 Nextel: brief history
Table 40. Nextel subscriber adds, ARPU, churn by quarter
6.2 Overview of iDEN network architecture
6.2.1 System characteristics
Figure 4. iDEN system architecture
6.3 Upgrading to WiDEN
6.4 Nextel: 3G status
6.4.1 Nextel bets on 4G
Table 41. Core characteristics of Flash-OFDM
Table 42. Nextel Wireless Broadband in comparison with dial-up
Table 43. Nextel Wireless Broadband Plans Technical overview of Flash-OFDM
Figure 5. Flarion Network Architecture
Table 44. Key advantages of Flarion's system over other competing
6.4.2 CDMA2000 as a last resort?
6.5 Nextel: mobile data services
Table 45. Nextel Data Calling Plans Overview
6.5.1 Nextel Online portal
Table 46. Nextel Online mobile data services in detail
6.6 Nextel Developer Program
Table 47. Membership overview of Nextel's Developer Program
6.7 Nextel to phase out iDen and merge with Sprint
6.7.1 Nextel to contribute higher-margin business users and valuable

Chapter 7. Conclusions
7.1 US mobile market is aiming for 3G
Chart 12. ARPU by operators as of Q3 2004
Chart 13. Churn rate by operators as of Q3 2004
Chart 14. Net subscriber adds in Q3 2004 by operators
Chart 15. Subscriber base by top six US operators
7.2 3G standards timeline in the US
Chart 16. US 3G subs vs. total subs growth forecast, 2005-2010
7.2.1 US operators await 3G licensing
7.2.2 Which technology will win?
Chart 17. US 3G subs growth by technology, 2005-2010
7.3 3G Content
Chart 18. US most popular 3G apps in 2007 forecast
7.3.1 Content agreements are critical for 3G to succeed
Chart 19. US mobile data revenue as a % of total service revenue, 2003-2009
7.3.2 Marketing 3G services/ applications
Table 48. Mobile content availability matrix by mobile operators
7.3.3 Breakdown of 3G content
7.4 Key considerations for 3G operators
7.4.1 Recommendations

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