Mobile Adult Content 2005 - 2009: Business models, regulation and future
2nd edition - brand new visiongain report

 The importance of adult entertainment must not be overlooked as mobile
content is set to drive the increase in data consumption over mobile
devices. In recent times, it is one of the few entertainment sectors to
withstand economic pressures and move with technological advances without
witnessing a decline in revenues.

 Despite its somewhat less than wholesome image, adult entertainment has now
been adopted by a number of mobile operators and content providers as a key
revenue stream over mobile phones. In its second report into the subject,
"Mobile Adult Content 2005-2009" , visiongain investigates the moves that
have been made and provides overviews and analysis of the strategies adopted
by these key operators and content providers.

 The Adult Entertainment Industry has always been at the forefront of
harnessing the latest technology in order to drive its own market share
forward. Mobile technology is no exception. In this 75+ page report,
visiongain predicts the mobile adult content industry will continue to grow
to reach a value of EUR4.79 billion by 2009.

 But it is not necessarily an easy road to take, the provision of adult
entertainment is not without its difficulties. As such, this report looks at
the growing calls for content filtering and regulation.

 The report also contains interviews with some of the leading content
providers, network operators and other key players in the adult mobile
industry and offers predictions and recommendations for success in this
increasingly crowded market place.

 Key findings of this report include:

 * Exclusive insight from Vodafone and other mobile operators and content
providers on their adult content strategy;
 * The mobile adult content market will grow significantly in 2005;
 * Which global regions will consume most mobile adult content;
 * Who controls the market for adult mobile content; and
 * Analysis of content self regulation;

Below is the brief then full table of contents:

Mobile Adult Content 2005 - 2009: Business models, regulation and future

Ch 1. Introduction
Ch 2. Market Overview
Ch 3. Regulating Adult Mobile Content
Ch 4. Content Filtering
Ch 5. Paying for Adult Content via Mobile
Ch 6. Forms of Mobile Adult Content
Ch 7. Content Providers: Profiles and Analysis
Ch 8. Forecasts and Predictions

 Full Table of contents

Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 The Market for Adult Content
Chart 1. Comparative Global Revenue from Music, Video Games and adult
content 2004
Chart 2. Increase in ARPU Through Active Consumers of Mobile Adult Content
2004 - 2009
1.2 Does Adult Content Drive Technology or Does Technology Drive Adult
Chart 3. Adult content as a Percentage of the Total US Video Market 1994
Chart 4. Increase in Adult Content Internet Pages 1998 - 2003
1.3 Adult Content and the Internet
Chart 5. Adult content as a Proportion of Paid-For Internet Content
1.4 Adult Content and Mobile - A Match Made In Heaven?
Chart 6. Percentage of Camera Enabled Handsets 2003-2006
Table 1. Advantages and Disadvantages of Adult Content via Mobile
Chart 7. Market Factors Influencing the Uptake of Mobile Adult Content
1.5 Challenges in Quantifying the Adult Content Industry
1.6 Has Adult Content Been Over-Valued?

Chapter 2. Market Overview
2.1 What Adult Content Can be Found on 2 and 2.5G Networks?
Image 1. Example of an Adult Content WAP Site
2.2 How much will the Market for Mobile Adult Content be Worth in 2005?
Chart 8. Percentage of Revenue from Mobile Adult Content by Region 2004
2.3 Who currently controls the market for mobile adult content?
2.4 Current Developments Amongst Operators
2.4.1 Vodafone live! and > '> Risque> '> Content
2.4.2 The Challenges Posed by Walled Gardens
2.5 Is it Boom-time for Adult Content Providers?
2.5.1 The Diversity of Mobile Adult Content
2.5.2 Harnessing Technology: XTC Mobile
2.6 What difference will the roll out of 3G make?
2.6.1 Lessons from Japan
Chart 9. 3G Uptake Amongst NTT DoCoMo Subscribers Japan, 2004

Chapter 3. Regulating Adult Mobile Content
3.1 How Adult Films Are Rated
3.2 Ratings Applied To Video Games
3.3 Lessons from Regulating Internet Content
Table 2. Major Challenges to Internet Content Filtering
3.4 Rating and Regulating Wireless Content
3.4.1 Methods of Regulating Wireless Content
3.4.3 Self Regulation: The UK Leads The Way
Table 3. Key Points from the UK Code of Practice for the Self-Regulation of
New Forms of Content on Mobiles
3.5 Vodafone D2 in Germany's Approach to Content Regulation In Germany
3.5.1 Vodafone Perspective on International Self Regulation
3.6 O2's Perspective on Content Regulation
Chart 10. Percentage of Respondents to 2004 o2 Survey Who Are 'Concerned
About 18-Rated Content Being Available via Mobile.'
3.6.1 Methods of Age Verification Handset-Based Age Verification: Oplayo
3.6.2 O2's Perspective on Age Verification
3.7 Mobile Content Regulation in Australia
3.8 Responsibility for Mobile Content Regulation
3.9 Mobile Content Regulation in the US
3.10 Protecting Children
3.10.1 National Children's Home Report
Chart 11. 2004 Parents Response to 'Who is Responsible for Ensuring Children
Are Educated About New Mobile Technology?'
3.11 Who Should Be Responsible For Regulating Mobile Adult Content?
Chart 12. Mobile subscribers worldwide and % under 18, 2002-2009
3.12 The Effect of Regulation on ARPU
3.13's Content Classification System
3.14 [EMAIL PROTECTED]' Perspective on Regulating Content
3.15 Moves to Prevent Adult Content in Ireland

Chapter 4. Content Filtering
4.1 Internet Content Filtering
4.2 Content Filtering on Mobile Handsets
4.2.1 Telcotec's Mobile Filtering How Telcotec> '> s Content Guardian
4.2.2 Business Mobile Users and Mobile Adult Content Works
4.3 Japanese SFS Browsers

Chapter 5. Paying for Adult Content via Mobile
5.1 Paying for Adult Content by SMS
Table 4. Cost Example of SMS Axxess
5.2 Steamymobile Payment Options
Table 5. SteamyMobile Payment Options
5.3 Third Party Billing Providers:
5.4 Who Buys Adult Content? Difficulties with Demographics
Chart 13. Playb*y Audience by Income
Chart 14. Playb*y Audience Married vs Single
Chart 15. Playb*y Audience by Gender

Chapter 6. Forms of Mobile Adult Content
6.1 Advances in Handset Technology
Chart 16. Smartphones as a Percentage of Handset Shipments Europe 2003-2004
6.1.1 The Advent of Portable Media Centres
6.2 Adult Content and Mobile Video
Chart 17. Percentage of Mobile Video Adult Content 2009
6.2.1 SteamyMobile's Plans For Mobile Video
6.2.2 Other Entrants to Mobile Video Adult Content
6.3 Mobile Flirting and Dating Sites
6.3.1 How Landmat's DateTrak Raises ARPU
Table 6. Major Findings of Landmat's 12 Month Dating Survey
6.4 Free Mobile Adult Content:
6.5 Raising Revenue Through SMS on Adult TV
6.6 Adult Content and MMS
Image 2. Example B*beStation Screenshot
6.7 MediaPlazza's Moantones
Chart 18. MediaPlazza's Moantone Pricing

Chapter 7. Content Providers: Profiles and Analysis
7.1 Mobvision
Chart 19. Estimated Mobvision Revenue Share
7.2 Private Media Group
Chart 20. Private Media Group's Income by Media Type Q1 2004
7.2.1 Private Media Group's Industry Perspective
Chart 21 Private Media Groups Mobile Content by Type
Table 7. Private Media Group's Effective Marketing Methods
7.3 Netcollex

7.3.1 Netcollex Mobile Content
7.4 3Gs*
Chart 22. 3G S*xClub's Most Popular Content Hits, Q2 2004
7.5 Playb*y
Chart 23. Playb*y Income Q1 2004
7.5.1 Playb*y and 3
7.5.2 Playb*y's wireless outlook
Chart 24. Predicted Income From Mobile for Playb*y
7.6 Paul Raymond
Chart 25. Comparative Cost of Paul Raymond Video Clips on Symbian and Java
7.7 Mobival
Table 8. What Mobival Users Are Prepared to Pay for Content
Table 9. Summary of Mobival's Adult Content Portfolio

Chapter 8. Forecasts and Predictions
8.1 Challenges for Start-Up Content Providers
8.2 Which sectors will be most profitable?
Chart 26. Comparison of Global Users Video Services 2008
8.3 Who Will Derive Most Benefit From the Mobile Adult Content Value Chain?
8.3.1 Network Operators
8.3.2 Content Provider
8.4 Market Value of Mobile Adult Content
Chart 27. Predictions for Global Mobile Adult Content Market, 2004 -2009
8.4.1 Why India and China Will Not Profit from Mobile Adult Content
8.4.2 The importance of the US market

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