T-Mobile USA 2005-2010: Changing the US market
T-Mobile USA is changing the way US cellular carriers have to operate. Their active, attacking strategy is altering the way US operators do business. By taking European marketing sensibilities into the US market, they have grown rapidly and effectively. You need to be aware of what they are doing now and in the future. This report will tell you.
Discover each element of the success of T-Mobile, especially in the U.S.
By purchasing this report you will learn about:
  • T-Mobile's future
  • T-Mobile USA's varied device strategy
  • T-Mobile's key partnerships
  • T-Mobile's technology strategy
  • T-Mobile USA's pricing plans
With the cellular technology and marketing experiences it has gained in Europe and those it has gained in the US with wi-fi, the company has a strong strategic standing.
  • But how will this affect your operations?
  • What are its future plans?
  • Does the European way of thinking necessarily apply in the USA?
In the latest visiongain report, "T-Mobile USA 2005-2010: Changing the US market", it is revealed how T-Mobile will stem competition from rivals with faster mobile data network offerings. You will also discover and understand how T-Mobile competes against the other U.S. carriers, and how it effects you.
Find out how T-Mobile USA compares to its rivals in terms of key performance indicators. Do you know what T-Mobile USA's ARPU is, even compared to its own European units? Do you know how T-Mobile is hoping to boost customer loyalty and enhance the user experience? Do you know why T-Mobile will remain competitive in a market dominated by three much bigger players? What is its strategy? This visiongain report will tell you, and tell you today.
By reading this report you will discover:
  • how important the financial backing of it fixed-line parent, Deutsche Telekom, is
  • the market strengths of T-Mobile
  • the weaknesses that the company should remedy
  • the major market drivers and their effect on you
T-Mobile is a major global telecoms player. It's entry into the US with a compatible roaming standard gives it access to both Europe and the USA. You must understand what impact T-Mobile is going to have. Buy this report today to get that insight rapidly.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1. Introduction
1.1 Introduction
Graph 1. T-Mobile Growth
1.2 U.S. Market Development
1.3 Parent: Deutsche Telekom
1.4 3G Concern
Graph 2. Amount Operators Paid for 3G Licenses (billions $)
1.5 Wi-Fi Strategy
1.6 Future Growth Areas
Chapter 2. U.S. Market Consolidation
2.1 Reasons to Consolidate
2.2 Cingular/AT&T
2.2.1 Benefits
Table 1. Combined Assets of AT&T Wireless and Cingular (YE2003)
2.3 Sprint Nextel: Merger of Equals
2.3.1 ARPU Considerations
Table 2. Carrier ARPU in 2004
2.3.2 Mutually Beneficial
Table 3. Terms of the Sprint Nextel Merger
Table 4. Combined Assets of Sprint and Nextel (YE2004)
2.4 Overall Benefits to the Industry
2.4.1 Implications for T-Mobile
Chapter 3. Deutsche Telekom
3.1 Parent Company
Figure 1. Countries with Deutsche Telekom Presence
3.1.1 Deutsche Telekom Historical Timeline
3.2 Four Strategic Divisions
3.2.1 T-Online
Figure 2. Countries with T-Online Presence
3.2.2 T-Systems
Figure 3. Countries with T-Systems Presence
3.2.3 T-Com
Figure 4. Countries with T-Com Presence
3.2.4 T-Mobile
Figure 5. Countries with T-Mobile Presence
Table 5. Deutsche Telekom Divisional Earnings (€ millions)
Table 6. Countries Where T-Mobile Operates Under the "T-Brand" T-Mobile Deutschland
Table 7. Germany: Financial Figures YE 2004 T-Mobile Austria
Table 8. Austria: Financial Figures YE 2004 T-Mobile CZ
Table 9. Czech Republic: Financial Figures YE 2004 T-Mobile Netherlands
Table 10. Netherlands: Financial Figures YE 2004 T-Mobile UK
Table 11. UK: Financial Figures YE 2004
Table 12. ARPU Comparisons by Market
Chapter 4. T-Mobile USA
4.1 VoiceStream
4.1.1 DT Acquisition of VoiceStream
4.2 Where Wireless Growth Occurred
4.2.1 Debt Reduction
4.3 Importance of the T-Mobile Brand
4.3.1 What Makes the T-Brand Successful?
Graph 3. Percentage of subscribers in each country recognized T-Brand
4.4 Main Competitors: U.S. Telecoms Overview
Graph 4. Mobile Penetration by gender, age, and income
Table 13. Average ARPU per U.S. carrier in 2004
4.4.1 The Big Five
Graph 5. Big Five Subscriber Numbers 2004 Cingular/AT&T Nextel Verizon Wireless Sprint PCS
4.1.2 T-Mobile: Positive Growth in 2004
Graph 6. T-Mobile New Subscriber Additions (millions $)
Graph 7. T-Mobile Service Revenues (millions $)
Graph 8. T-Mobile Blended ARPU ($)
Graph 9. T-Mobile Blended Churn
Graph 10. T-Mobile Cost Per Gross Add ($)
Graph 11. T-Mobile Cash Cost Per User ($)
Graph 12. T-Mobile Capital Expenditures (millions $)
4.2 T-Mobile and Cingular
4.2.1 Buy Out
Figure 6. T-Mobile USA Coverage Map
Table 14. T-Mobile/Cingular Transaction Summary
Chapter 5. T-Mobile Plans, Services and Phones
5.1 Big Five Comparisons
5.1.1 Explanation of Tariffs
Table 15. T-Mobile Nationwide Plan Additional Services
5.2 Plans: T-Mobile and Verizon
Table 16. T-Mobile Verizon Plan Price Comparison
5.2.1 Plan Comparisons
5.2.2 Prepaid Plans Verizon Prepaid Cingular/AT&T Prepaid T-Mobile Prepaid
Graph 13. Number of T-Mobile prepaid and postpaid subscribers (millions)
Graph 14. Percentage Comparison of Prepaid and Postpaid T-Mobile Subscribers
5.2.3 Optional T-Mobile Services for Postpaid Plans
5.2.4 BlackBerry Plans: T-Mobile and Nextel
Graph 15. Percentages of Mobile Device Users
5.3 T-Mobile's Device Strategy
Table 17. Handset Price Comparison
5.3.1 Samsung
5.3.2 Motorola
5.3.3 Nokia
5.3.4 Sharp, Siemens, Sony Ericsson
5.4 Handhelds
5.4.1 Pocket PC 2003
5.4.2 palmOne Treo 600
Graph 16. PDA Market Share
5.4.3 BlackBerry
5.5 Diversified Line-Up
5.5.1 Sidekick II
Figure 7. Danger Sidekick II
Chapter 6. 3G and Wi-Fi Strategy
6.1 3G
6.1.1 Reasons to Upgrade
Figure 8. Evolution of 3G
6.1.2 3G Technologies Compared
6.1.3 CDMA2000 Dominates 3G
6.1.4 U.S. 3G Progression
6.1.5 U.S. Carrier Progression
6.2 3G T-Mobile: EDGE - Enhanced Data rates for GSM Evolution
6.2.1 Nortel and UMTS Upgrade
6.3 T-zones
Table 18. Categorization of T-zone Services
Table 19. Rival Multimedia Package Services
6.3.1 T-zone usage: T-Mobile International Non Voice ARPU
Table 20. T-zone Partners Downloads Games Messaging
6.3.2 T-zones in Europe
6.4 HotSpots
Graph 17. Percentages of WLAN Users
6.4.1 Wi-Fi Defined
Figure 9. T-Mobile HotSpot Coverage Map
6.4.2 Wi-Fi Starbucks
Table 21. Wi-Fi Plans Compared (Non-exhaustive)
6.4.3 Pricing
6.4.4 HotSpot Revenues
6.4.5 Mutually Beneficial
Graph 18. HotSpot Locations and Revenues Per Location Per Month, 2003
Chapter 7. Recommendations, Forecasts, Conclusions
7.1 T-Mobile USA 2004 Summarization
7.2 Where is US Telecoms Growth?
7.2.1 T-Mobile Enterprise Market Achievements
7.2.2 Market Strategy
7.3 Comparison of Wi-Fi and 3G: VoIP
7.4 Forecasts
Graph 19. U.S. Mobile Subscriber Increase Forecast, 2004-2010
Graph 20. T-Mobile USA Subscriber Increase Forecast, 2004-2010
Graph 21. T-Mobile USA Revenue Increase Forecast, 2004-2010
Graph 22. Global 3G and Wi-Fi Users Forecast (millions), 2004-2010
Graph 23. T-Mobile USA Data Revenue Percentage Forecast, 2004-2010
7.5 Recommendations: Wi-Fi
7.5.1 Demand Drivers
Table 22. Promotional Wi-Fi Deal Examples Youth Market T-Mobile's Youth Strategy Need for Information on the go
7.5.2 EDGE Strong Business Case Benefits of EDGE
7.6 Visiongain Analysis and Conclusions
7.6.1 Areas of Strength
7.6.2 Obstacles
7.6.3 Strong Future Growth
A. About visiongain
B. Report evaluation form
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