The U.S. Hispanic Cellular Market 2005-2009
The US-based Hispanic community spend longer on their phones than any other minority group. They are the fastest growing US demographic. Are you targeting your strategy towards this market? You should be.
With 39 million members this market segment offers great potential to companies willing to take the step to target it specifically. Ignoring this vital demographic will cost you. So, how are you targeting this hugely significant market segment? What moves are being made by your competitors to target the Hispanic community? You need to be aware of this market!!! Today.
As the US cellular subscriber base becomes more segmented, the latest visiongain study, "The US Hispanic Cellular Market 2005-2009", provides you with the insight you need to target this vital demographic. By reading this report you will learn how to succeed in this sector. You will understand the significance of cultural identity, language preferences, media choices, and advertising strategies.
Questions this report answers include:
  • How successful have carriers' Hispanic strategies and content been in the past?
  • How have specifically targeted MVNOs spurred growth in the US market?
  • Which tools and strategies are most successful when targeting the Hispanic community?
  • What impact will the Hispanic demographic have on the US cellular market?
  • Which future wireless trends and marketing opportunities will be key?
This 90+ page report will provide you with the comprehension, through clear insight, into the segmentation of the Hispanic market. Through the recommendations offered you will also learn how to maximize the opportunity within these subgroups. Which Hispanic sub-group are most influential?
This report provides a critical look at issues such as:
  • Hispanic consumer expenditure patterns, including cellular;
  • The developing market significance of the next generation of Hispanics;
  • Acculturation and assimilation issues;
  • Hispanic purchase decision attributes and increases in buying power.
  • US Hispanic population and demography patterns;
This visiongain report will tell you how this segment is largely underserved and holds an abundance of opportunity, and considerations you need to make to grow your cellular business further. Don't be left behind your rivals, make the first move and buy this vital report TODAY.
Table of Contents
Chapter 1 Introduction
1.1 Hispanic Market Reach
Graph 1. U.S. Population Growth 2004 (millions)
1.1.1 Hispanic Market Statistics
Graph 2. Percentage of Hispanic Consumers Likely to Spend on Telecommunications
1.2 Telephone Usage
1.3 U.S. Wireless Market
1.3.1 U.S. Wireless Statistics
Table 1. Hispanic Market Challenges and Opportunities
1.4 U.S. Carriers Hispanic Marketing
1.5 Focus of this Report
Chapter 2 Population Patterns and Cultural Tendencies
2.1 Geographical Dispersion
Table 2. Population Trends
2.1.1 Ethnic Synthesis
Table 3. Hispanic Categories
2.2 Language
2.3 Cultural Similarities among Hispanic Groups
2.3.1 Cultural Distinctions by Region
2.3.2 Segmentation
2.3.3 Assimilation
Table 4. Acculturation
2.3.4 Acculturation
2.4 Population Size and Composition
Graph 3. Segmented Dispersion
Graph 4. Geographical Concentration for Hispanics and Non-Hispanic Whites
2.4.1 Geographically Concentrated
2.4.2 Metropolitan Preference
Graph 5. Percentage of Hispanic Presence
2.5 Economic Characteristics
2.6 Younger Segment
Table 5. Top Hispanic Markets
2.7 Foreign Born
Table 6. Key Profile Points
2.8 Language Preference
Graph 6: Preferred Language Usage
2.9 Household Size
Graph 7. Percentage of Population with High School Education
2.10 Education
Chapter 3 Overview of Hispanic Consumers: Market Perspective
3.1 Hispanic Buying Power
Table 7. Buying Power by State (billions)
3.2 Profile of Hispanic Consumers
3.2.1 A Younger Market Segment
Graph 8. Hispanic Ranking of Importance in Culture
Graph 9. Hispanic Youth Cultural Perception
3.2.2 Defining Youth Market Distinctions
3.2.3 Pre-Acculturation
3.2.4 Demographic Discovery
3.2.5 Reaching this Segment
3.3 Hispanic Businesswomen
Table 8. Hispanic Businesswomen
3.3.1 Hispanic Women Enterprise Consumerism
3.3.2 Segmentation Analysis
3.3.3 Economists
3.3.4 Price Hunters
3.3.5 Loyalists
3.4 Hispanic Influence on Corporate America
3.4.1 The Internationally Mobile
Graph 10. Percentage Increase in Travel 2004
Chapter 4 Marketing to a Critical Segment
4.1 Culturally Relevant Marketing
4.1.1 Brand Positioning
4.1.2 The Value Equation
4.1.3 Brand Loyalty
4.1.4 New Brand Loyalty
4.2 Common Hispanic Consumer Trends
4.2.1 Product Familiarity
4.2.2 Product Relevance
4.2.3 Language
Table 9. Primary Language for Hispanics
Graph 11. Hispanics Prefer Spanish Advertising
4.2.4 Collective Rewards
4.2.5 Acceptance
4.2.6 Purchasing Decision Attributes
Table 10. Decision Attributes
4.3 Communication Channels for U.S. Hispanics
4.3.1 Television Television and Language
Table 11. Television Statistics
Graph 12. Hispanic Television Advertising Survey
4.3.2 Radio
4.3.3 Print
4.3.4 Direct Response Marketing
Table 12. Direct Mail Ads
Chapter 5 Hispanics Wireless Trends
5.1 Telecommunications
Graph 13. Hispanic Telecommunications Spending
5.1.1 Hispanics and Wireless
Graph 14. Percentage of Hispanics will switch carriers
5.2 Wireless Mexico
5.2.1 Market Characteristics
5.2.2 Stratified Market
Table 13. Hispanic Mobile Penetration by City
5.2.3 Market Competition
5.3 Wireless Latin America
5.4 The U.S. Hispanic Prepaid Market
5.4.1 Market Drivers
5.4.2 Increasing Confidence in Prepaid
5.4.3 Second Tier Stability
Chapter 6 Current Hispanic Marketing Strides
6.1 Tier 1 Carrier Overview
Graph 15. Tier One Comparison (millions of subscribers)
6.1.1 Cingular/AT&T
6.1.2 Nextel
6.1.3 Verizon Wireless
6.1.4 T-Mobile USA
6.1.5 Sprint PCS
6.2 Tier 1 Hispanic Marketing Efforts
6.3 AT&T Wireless
6.3.1 Leadership Recognition
6.3.2 HISPA - Hispanic Association of AT&T Employees
6.3.3 Marketing Campaigns
6.3.4 Altruistic Spirit: Education
6.3.5 Multilingual Support
6.3.6 Hispanic Targeted Products and Services
Table 14. Spanish-language Content Available on mMode
6.3.7 Company Sponsored Research
Graph 16. Reasons Hispanics Do Not Own Mobile
Graph 17. Reasons Hispanics Do Not Qualify
6.4 Verizon
6.4.1 Hispanic Leadership Recognition
6.4.2 Leadership Diversity Initiative
6.4.3 Marketing Campaigns
6.4.4 Hispanic Support Organization
6.4.5 Altruistic Spirit HopeLine
6.4.6 Multilingual Support
6.4.7 Hispanic Targeted Products and Services
6.4.8 Focused Leadership
6.5 Cingular Wireless
6.5.1 Leadership Recognition
6.5.2 Internal Diversity
6.5.3 Marketing Campaigns
6.5.4 Altruistic Spirit
6.5.5 Multilingual Support
6.5.6 Hispanic Targeted Products and Services
Table 15. Mi Ventana Movil Portal Services
6.5.7 Focused Leadership
6.6 Sprint PCS
6.6.1 Leadership Recognition
6.6.2 Internal Diversity
6.6.3 Marketing Campaigns
6.6.4 Altruistic Spirit
6.6.5 Multilingual Support
Table 16. Sprint PCS Spanish-language Offerings
6.6.6 Hispanic Targeted Products and Services
6.6.7 Focused Leadership
6.7 Nextel
6.7.1 Internal Diversity
Table 17. Nextel Sponsored Events 2003
6.7.2 Marketing Campaign
6.7.3 Altruistic Spirit
6.7.4 Multilingual Support
6.7.5 Nextel Latin America
Table 18. Nextel International
6.8 TracFone
Table 19: TracFone's service pricing
6.9 Movida
6.10 U.S. Hispanic Wireless Market Analysis
6.10.1 Employee Diversity Groups
6.10.2 Market Leaders
6.10.3 Language Importance
6.10.4 Market Laggards
Chapter 7 Recommendations, Forecasts, Conclusions
7.1 Understanding Segmented Consumer Markets
Table 19. Marketing Fundamentals
7.1.1 Word-of-mouth
7.1.2 Language
Table 20. Language in Advertising
7.1.3 Customer Service
7.1.4 Acculturation Levels
Table 21. Reasons for Growing Acculturation Levels in the U.S.
7.1.5 Loyalty
7.2 Hispanic Market Issues and Implications
7.3 Forecasts: Hispanic Purchasing Power
Graph 18. Hispanic Buying Power 2004-2009 (billions)
Graph 19. Buying Power Percentage of Growth in 2009
Graph 20. Population Increase Percentages for each group in 2009
Graph 21. Hispanic Advertising Expenditure Increases 2004-2009 (billions)
7.3.1 Household Growth
7.3.2 Location
7.3.3 Wireless Spending
Graph 22. Total Spending on Wireless Services for each group 2009
7.4 Conclusion: Concentrated Segmentation
Table 22. Hispanic Youth Appeal
7.4.1 General Recommendations
7.4.2 Conclusion
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