Restarting discusion on this list. This is a top of my head list of requirements for the Apache Jar Repository (AJR)

   *  ASF Repository shall
         o only host  artifacts approved by a PMC
         o be  accessible to the public  via http
         o be mirrorable.
         o allow  browsing and downloding of artifacts by humans via
           normal web browser
   * ASF Repository should
         o provide metadata about a project,
               + its components
               + its dependencies
               +  its artifacts
               +  list of version available
               +  url's to find specific versions of an artifact.
         o  Provide tools for the management of the project metadata
         o Allow for low cost maintance by hand without tool support.
   * ASF Repository not

   * ASF Repository shall not
         o Host any artifact in violation of a license, or IPR.

Lets improve the list and post it on the wiki.


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