On Thu, 6 Mar 2003, Nick Chalko wrote:

> I'll start the discussion with what John Toohey said.
> In both html and xml format
>     * list of available versions,
>     * their MD5's,
>     * dependencies,
>     * perhpas a
>     * code for licenses

Html format - I suppose you mean a easy-to-read page describing the 
package. Good idea.

XML - please don't invent yet-another DTD and please don't duplicate
what is already there.

Our jars should include proper manifests, and if not - we should just
use the same format as the standard manifest. The manifest defines
the MD5, dependencies, version. 

There is also the Gump descriptor that includes a lot of info - so
if an XML format is to be used, I think a subset ( or superset ) of this 
should be used, we already have collected dependency info for all 
the projects.


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