I'm trying to understand all the POV's at a higher level than URI/XML
formats.  What sorts of things
are missing from my list?   I don't care if I have a complete list -- I'm
more interested in what people want
to do as opposed to how we're going to do it.

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> Hi Ted,
> from my POV, the repository isn't only about jars and classpaths.
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> Subject: What does the repository enable?
> Hi guys,
> I know I'm late to the party, but...
> I know that we're discussing URI format and Andy's writing code, and I
> some code as well.  One thing
> that I haven't seen here is what functionality we want to enable by having
> a
> repository.    Here are some possible
> pieces:
> 1. Be able to download the jars that a project needs in order to get built
> 2. Be able to download the jars that a project need in order to run
> 3. Be able to generate the correct classpath so that a project can run
> 4. Allow the repository to be transparently mirrored world wide.
> 5. Allow the repository to be composed of multiple pieces, much like a
> filesystem allows mount'ing of filesystems.
> Are there any others?   In the midst of the URI format and the XML
> descriptors, I'm having trouble seeing what we are
> trying to enable.
> Ted

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