Use case:

<!-- use ant 1.5.1 -->
<target name="download-somefile">
<get src="http://something.easy/somefile.jar"; dest="lib/somefile.jar" />

   <target name="compile" depends="download-somefile">
   <!-- blah -->

My only option atm is to use the maven repo for http://something.easy/somefile.jar,
which is suboptimal for reasons detailed in my posts to community. I will be
happy with any solution which satisfies my usecase. I'm sceptical wrt the ease
of use and usability at all of xml descriptors from a "manual download" and/or
standard ant-1.5.1.

But feel free to amaze me, just make sure you're not writing the code for the
sake of the beauty of the code :)

- Leo

Andrew C. Oliver wrote:

I'd like to take this opportunity to contrast my approach. "stick some XML descriptors on a webserver wherever you like and point at existing files without renaming/moving them wherever they might be".. The "virtual" repository.

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