= Special versions. =
Most people agree we should support Latest (released), and Nightly, along with the normal released builds

Maven also has 'SNAPSHOT' which is similar in context to Nightly, but not necessarily built on a nightly basis.


The part still needs to be decided is the project name.

Since this is an ASF repo, isn't the ASF project name enough?

I think I would still prefix it with apache, so that other organizations can follow our pattern with out conflicts. Also allowing other repositories to host artifacts from multiple orginizations.

There is still some naming details to work out. An apache project can be a very big thing.
Take the CLI project in Jakarta commons that would be
apache-jakarta-commons-cli vs the pacakge name org.apache.commons.cli

PS gald we are talking about this. I find naming things to often be the hardest and most important part of a design.

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