Since we need/want programmable I doubt we'll get disagreement on XML.
Static or dynamic is more interesting.


1) Do we need server side metadata?

I suspect yes, for referencing the 'version' of the repository spec being
followed, if nothing else. That said, I could imaging "owner" (human),
mailing alias, and lots of admin related information that tools might work

2) Do we need per group metadata?

I suspect yes, for quirks. I could think of a 'manifest' describing what is
there, e.g. for Java -- stating the package for this project, etc. I could
see this being human maintained, or tooling.

3) Do we need per version metadata? Hmmm... :(

I guess it's doable, tools could easily provide. The per <id> *.md5 or *.asc
are such metadata.

4) Do we need client-side metadata?

4.1) On repositories (how do we discover?)
4.2) A list of certain groups/ids needed for something (e.g. a project to

4.2 is broaching onto dependencies [or is dependencies], and I know
different tools have different solutions/thoughts. I'd love to hear other
folks views...

Any other metadata I'm forgetting?


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