> >Let's try to work this one through to completion: > > http://<host>/<group>/<type>/<id>[-<version>].ext > So what should group be

> Given Noel's concern about Top Level Project and projects moving.
> I think that leaves us with the java package name.


> Also to keep the listing smaller can group  be something like
> /apache/commons/beantuils  or must it be apache-comons-beanutils.


Here is a different view,


I would like to see the group as completely different from the project name but what the user is used to, like an "XML" group, "WebServices" group, "Testing".... Thoughts ? Because sometimes, the project names don't say what they are actually meant to do, and even if it says they could be acronyms or something indirect, so having a meaningful group and then whatever project falls under that will be a good one for the users.

And I think version should be mandatory, since that is the killer in the java world.

regards, -Anou

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