[...iterating over it...]

As already suggested by Nick, perhaps the best start would be
to come up with a simple resolution about this lists's mission,
e.g. something like the rationale and scope sections of
(of course not in a technical sense just as an outline of a
useful description) or even like a simple form of

This would at least ensure that there is a set of common and
all-agreed goals and/or requirements. Posted on a web-site
this would also help to get other projects / new-comers on

just my 0.02 €


On 07.11.2003, at 20:58, Nick Chalko wrote:

Lets agree on some first steps to take

We need to

  1. Agree on Repository goals
  2. Agree on Repository requirements
  3. Agree on URI syntax
  4. Recommend  best practices for
        1. Client Tools
        1. Management Tools

Then we can encourge / sponsor  projects that write code.

This assumes that this list is not about a particular code base, but about the Structure of a Apache Repository, a set of specification.
I very much think that the steps must be done in order. If you agree please review and update the wiki so we can move forward.

Otherwise we will go in circles.

R, Nick

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