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On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 17:21, Stephen McConnell wrote:

Jason van Zyl wrote:

On Fri, 2003-11-07 at 15:38, Stephen McConnell wrote:

I just snipped the whole thing because I think that discussion is heading in the wrong direction and we could go on ad nauseum vis-a-vis containers and MDA.

I think that Nick's idea for a simple set of requirements would be a
good start and I think they are simple. As I said I will take a stab at
a proposal this weekend and it will be very short and simple not much
different than what has been discussed. I hope that others do the same
so that we can compare.

Maven's POM is irrelavent; Component deployment and an applications use
of a repository are irrelavent; Searching is irrevlant. This with
respect to the task this group has been charged with. All these things
are above and beyond what is required here which is essentially easy
access to versioned artifacts. It's really not that much more than that.
Sophisticated systems that are reliable are built upon simplicity not

Someone should be able to look at one page and in five mintues
understand everything that the repository should be.

I will follow Nick's lead and draft a response to the request for goals
and requirements.

It's not that complicated and these discussions shouldn't go on and on
and on into a 2000 word discourse on the all singing, all dancing

Exactly. +1 all the way

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