Where is "Tim's Layout"?
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"Noel J. Bergman" <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 09/11/2003 06:22:51 PM:

> Jason,
> I think that Tim's ideas were pretty well-thought out and reflect a 
> consensus.  The changes you are making to his ideas, if I read the
> correctly, are to mandate a couple of things that he did not rule out, 
> permitted to remain optional.  Having them as optional does not strike 
me as
> a problem.
> Best practices can always suggest that optional elements be used, and 
> discover in practice how broadly the rule(s) should apply.
> We should make sure that folks like William Rowe and others who have
> commented on the repository structure lately take a look at, and provide
> feedback on, Tim's layout.
>    --- Noel

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