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Re: click through license support?
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Nicola Ken Barozzi <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote on 15/11/2003 10:00:07 PM:
I mean, if:

 1-  the program opens the browser on the product download page
 2 - the user does the download steps as usual
 3 - the program gets the downloaded artifact from the local download

Why would we be breaking the license? The only difference between this approach and the usual one is that the download location is linked.

The fact is it doesn't matter what we think. I asked the board and they said work it out with Sun. Sun doesn't actually care if we put the JavaMail jar on ibiblio and they would never take legal action but we still can't put it there. I don't see any problem with the scraper approach either but it contravenes what Sun intends for users and so we need their express permission. At any rate we can't do it any other way so says the board. So it is moot what we think or that it is actually reasonable, we are dealing with lawyers who could turn something simple like this into an incomprehensible mess.

Agreed. But has the scraper approach been about scraping the license and downloading from another location, or is there a problem with sun if we integrate a simple browser in the download system that points to the page and where users download the artifact?

I imagine the system opening up a Swing JEditorPane browser that points to the sun download page. When the user clocks on download, this browser downloads the thing. Then the system can open it up and pick the artifact.

Sorry again if I am just dragging it on, but I have not yet understood if this is what Sun has problems about.

I have seen a drop in replacement for JavaMail and I would like to put
that in the repository and find other replacements like it. Sun isn't
going to out of their way to help us unless there is an extreme amount
of pressure placed on them and they get some good PR out of it.

Yup :-(

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