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I'm the Apache JCP rep, and have had some talks with Sun about this
issue. The object is to get a formal agreement from Sun to allow us to
do this, without us having to try and interpret the license agreement.

+1 to short circuit this and directly arrange the right thing with SUN; an
das the ASF simply document a permission with them.

We've got every indication from them that they _want_ these sort of things
to be fixed - and not be a hurdle. I expect there to be enough trust
between us and SUN that we can move the way/place/method of the click

I've head that Jason has been having similar covnerstation - may be good
for you two to sync up and make sure there is no overlap.

There shouldn't be. I initially got the conversation going between Jason and Tom, but it stopped. I mentioned it to Graham at a JCP EC meeting to help get it jumpstarted again, thinking that it had sunk into the legal quagmire that can be the sun legal team :)



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