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Mark R. Diggory wrote:
it more configurable, currently all md5 checksums generated using Maven are broken because of this, I think others have recognized this and generate them by hand on their own.

In Ruper we have an md5sum implementation in the scratchpad. What about checking that we are on the same boat with the md5 format? :-)

I am seeing that you are struggling to set up the repository for Apache, and it's unfortunate, as it's a great thing if done well.

Depot guys, shall we give him a hand, and stop profiting from his kind work without giving back? :-)
> Shurly think so! How can we help here?

We have a spec that has come out of this list, but we also have two implementation (Maven and Ruper) that currently work with the "old" layout.

Hence IMNSHO we should help Mark and others in setting up a Maven-compatible repository at Apache, and eventually deal with the new spec later.

Sander has already given a hand in idenifying some points that have to be addressed, it would be cool if we could come up with concrete suggestions on going forward and actually helping publishing the jars.

Some action items:

1- how can we make mirroring work for both of us? (IIRC Ruper already showed it's easy to do, but I need help from Adam that already tried it)

2- How does Mark think we can proceed in not making it compulsory to phisically have jars in a defined location?

3- We really should see that the md5s are compatible between Ruper and Maven (IOW Mark meet Markus, Markus meet Mark :-)

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