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> When we talk about distributed Maven repositories, ASF repositories etc
> that are related to "Java". I think we should consider that CPAN/CRAN
> etc are models of distributing such content that have been successful.

What aspects of these models make them successful?

> Given that, I started to research the existence of a CJAN project, and
> of course, immediately found:
> http://www.cjan.org/

Looks like they are a little over a year old.

> Ultimately, I wonder how much "larger" than Apache re such efforts as
> this? We should seriously consider establishing a "standards" community
> to establish supporting efforts such as this.
> CJAN been hard at work with alot of "documentation effort". What are
> individuals thoughts on this project and its model?
> http://sourceforge.net/docman/?group_id=41872

I looked through the documentation and the proposals really are not 
much.  They're one pager brain dumps of nice to haves and standards that
are to be followed.  There really is not much to cjan.org at this point
besides the web fašade and the sf.net project.


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