Title: RE: betwixt 0.5 release jars

Thanks for clarifying that Mark - makes sense.

While Maven uploads directly, I make a habit of doing it on a machine with a fast connection so shouldn't have a problem with our releases, however this could still be a concern.

Are there any filenames that the mirrors don't pick up (eg . Prefixed files) that we could use to upload as a temporary file then move to the correct location when done? I can build that into Maven's upload support, and would prefer it to using /tmp or user's home directories if possible.


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> Subject: Re: betwixt 0.5 release jars
> Yes, pretty much the case. The big thing is to make sure you
> set group
> write permissions and make sure the group is apcvs.
> I can look into setting the deployment dir to be
> /www/www.apache.org/dist/java-repository/ but I remember
> requests from
> the mirror folks to make sure that deployment happened in a
> working/scratch directory and the copied into the dist this
> way the md5
> checksum scipts that test the contents of dist wouldn't bark
> during the
> upload process.
> -Mark

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