Erik Abele wrote:

I suspect their views would include what you suggest, that distribution might
save some nomimal (c.f. artifact sizes) bandwidth savings & give some CPU
saving, but it'd be at significant loss of 'control' (of well behaved
clients). Central control over this seems the most appealing.


Since I doubt the CPU cycles are worth saving (or the script would've been
optimised), could we not just change the script to check for some header
from the client, and return XML or some structured text, for non-human
browsers. [BTW: viewcvs seems to do this nicely, returning the file if
non-human and the presentation is human (as browser identifies).

This sounds promising. You have central control, you get the geoip-mapping stuff for free and the CPU cycles as well as the bandwidth for (XML-ized) responses are a no-brainer in this case.

But then this becomes a project spanning both the Repository group and the various clients out there "Depot/Maven/etc". And agreement on the GEO_IP request protocol and xml format etc becomes a touchy subject don't they?

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