I suspect this is the same issue encountered earlier in the month where Dion Gillard had updated/published some jars using maven. At the same point in time some modifications occurred int he directory which we could not identify the origin of.

Too alleviate some of the issues with the fact that anyone in group apcvs could alter any files in the repository. We've begun a slow process of privatizing the files so that only members of a specific group (jakarta,xml etc) have rights to alter the content of the original artifact/md5 pair.

The best I personally can do to get this started is to restrict the rights to files that at least I own at the moment (if only because I transfered the content originally from ibiblio to apache) and then transfer the rights to those files to the appropriate group/user on a case by case basis.

Brett, I'll open these files specifically with write access to the jakarta group, you then should be able to update them. I also recommend that you take ownership of them by moving them to temp files and back to change the ownership to your userid. Then restrict the group ownership so only you (or other Commons Jelly Developers) have rights to write them.


Brett Porter wrote:
I tried to build maven 1.0 clean today and found out that on Sep 2,
commons-jelly and a few of its tag libs had changed on ibiblio. These
were already released jars that changed size. I checked around and
discovered the source of the change seems to be java-repository at

Any ideas how this happened?

One particular offending file:

ls -l /www/ | grep 20030902

-rw-r--r-- 1 mdiggory jakarta 161479 Sep 2 00:08 commons-jelly-20030902.160215.jar

md5 </www/


The original:
[EMAIL PROTECTED] repaired]$ md5sum
b171e535366191e437cff6d64df33561 commons-jelly/jars/commons-jelly-20030902.160215.jar
[EMAIL PROTECTED] repaired]$ ls -l
-rwxr-xr-x 1 maven users 154418 Sep 28 09:00
(this is identical to the version distributed with Maven 1.0 back in July)

The full list from the Maven 1.0 build that differ:

I have corrected the versions on ibiblio (being newer, they should
stay that way), but left Apache alone to find out what happened. I'd
really like to know if we can resolve this to avoid it in the future,
and to see if anything else was possibly affected.


-- Mark Diggory Open Source Software Developer Apache Jakarta Project

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