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 == Overview ==
- *  Repository URI Syntax: /URISyntax
+ *  Repository URI Syntax: Self:URISyntax
   This defines the core repository URI layout as follows:
   '''repository-uri = access-specifier "/" product-specifier "/" 
version-specifier "/" artifact-specifier'''
   It defines '''access-specifier''' and '''product-specifier''', but leaves 
'''version-specifier''' and '''artifact-specifier''' opaque, to be defined by 
language, platform, or artifact-specific best practices.
- *  Common Build Version Specifier: /CommonBuildVersionSpecifier
+ *  Common Build Version Specifier: Self:CommonBuildVersionSpecifier
   This defines '''version-specifier''' for projects which perform formal and 
interim builds.
- *  Common Distribution Artifact Specifier: 
+ *  Common Distribution Artifact Specifier: 
   This defines '''artifact-specifier''' for source and binary distribution 
- *  Java Artifact Specifier: /JavaArtifacts
+ *  Java Artifact Specifier: Self:JavaArtifacts
   This defines '''artifact-specifier''' for java artifacts.
- *  Signature Artifact Specifier: /SignatureArtifactSpecifier
+ *  Signature Artifact Specifier: Self:SignatureArtifactSpecifier
   This defines '''artifact-specifier''' for pgp signatures/keys, MD5 and SHA 
checksum artifacts.
- *  License Artifact Specifier: /LicenseArtifactSpecifier
+ *  License Artifact Specifier: Self:LicenseArtifactSpecifier
   This defines '''artifact-specifier''' for license artifacts.
 == To do ==

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