Now that Depot has closed doors, the need for Apache-wide artifact handling has remained, and Maven is the only actor here that is willing and able to pursue this road.

What relationship does the repository list have with Maven?
What relationship does Maven have with the repository list?

Ass Brett Porter has written, and I agree:
1) Maven PMC takes ownership for getting the repository right
2) Henk, myself (Maven PMC), Mark Diggory (if available), representative from interested Apache projects PMC (most likely someone from Ant) get together to sort out exactly what we think needs doing (we can use the repository list if appropriate)
3) suggest small steps to fix each problem rather than coming up with a killer solution that will never get implemented
4) can use the repository wiki for information based on what has already been discussed

I'd add that to use a common repository, there needs an implementation for all projects to use. It's easy, correct and resonable to think that it should be under Maven. Is Wagon still active? The Depot project SVN is still there, ready to be used if/when needed by the Maven project.

Thus I would add that the [EMAIL PROTECTED] list and wikis should support and point users to the Maven repository handling code.

Does this sound reasonable?

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