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What interests me WRT repository is that it's possible for Ant users to
install an antlib that makes Wagon usable in Ant, and for Eclipse and
Netbeans users to be able to integrate it nicely in their artifact
stuff. Depot had an Eclipse pluin BTW.

Can you elaborate on how it was integrated into Eclipse and Netbeans? I assume this would be when you add a dependency to a project - if so, that's definitely something that has been talked about (the MevenIDE project may have already done this - I'm not sure), and could use what was in depot to do so.

Note that it supports multiple repositories.

Out of interest, this is the proposed future repository layout for Maven:

Any recommendation on how to move on from there, keeping in mind that there are already two wikis with different specs and two different lists ([EMAIL PROTECTED] and this one)?

I don't think discussing the repository format is helpful at this point - it is a big undertaking to change and I think there are other priorities (security, mirroring and cleanup). That seems to be where this list got bogged down last time, though what is there now looks pretty much final. When it's not so late, I'll look at what is actually different and whether this is even an issue.

The repository code can have different repository layouts, so if
necessary we can support different ones. Obviously, its preferable to
agree and be consistent.

Eventually it will make sense to cutover to a new layout - but we'll
want to ensure everything is in place first.

Big +1 to this. Write it in stone :-)

The extra features needed are Apache mirroring support and use of the
Sourceforge system without needing to recreate a repository, that Depot
somewhat supported.

That's interesting - being involved with a sourceforge project they prefered to release to a maven repository and not use sourceforge :)

That's a good feature, though probably at the bottom of the list so far.

It permits project artifacts not to be put inside ibiblio, with the security and access issues that it brings.

I'm fine with the proposed layout, or any other reasonable alternative,
as it does not interfere with the above, being still http and file based.


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