Mixed terminology again. if the "SNAPSHOT" refers to a fully sanctioned release not an interim or daily build, then the usage is fine. Remember in this case SNAPSHOT is no different than "LATEST" or "CURRENT". I wish we could have Maven folks explore usage of a more accurate terminology for these.


Henk P. Penning wrote:

  [ I cut this from another message ; I hope it is correct ]

--On Wednesday, January 5, 2005 6:43 AM +1100 Brett Porter
  <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

This is for Maven users (and possible future tools, eg I believe Ant 1.7
has repository support) to be able to get your releases easily (releases
only -

development snapshots to http://cvs.apache.org/repository).

  This was put in 'java-repository/maven/poms/' just now :

    Jan 11 11:43 maven-site-plugin-1.6-SNAPSHOT.pom
    Jan 11 11:43 maven-site-plugin-1.6-SNAPSHOT.pom.md5

  Just to make sure : isn't this a 'development snapshot' ?
  Shouldn't this have gone to 'http://cvs.apache.org/repository' ?


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