Henk P. Penning wrote:
My bad. I copied it to the wrong location. I fixed the JARs, forgot
the POMs and will remove them next time I have SSH access.

  Ok ; fine ; I was afraid I missed something.

  To generalise a little further, are all *SNAPSHOT* thingies in
  the repository 'bad' (as in, don't belong there) ?

Given the problems we have defining them! I'm going to say YES.

  How about stuff like this (a *SNAPSHOT* symlink to a
  date-like *20040825.214656* thing) ?

Very BAD

    -> maven-turbine-plugin-20040825.214656.pom

  We have 474 '*SNAPSHOT*' files and 174 symlinks.

  [EMAIL PROTECTED]: find . -name '*SNAPSHOT*' -type f -ls | wc
       474    5214   75820
  [EMAIL PROTECTED]: find . -name '*SNAPSHOT*' -type l -ls | wc
       174    2262   32093

Remove ?

I've been planning to, I'm just concerned of the impact, I'm trying to be thorough and verify it will not cause others major problems when I remove them.


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