Russell Gold wrote:

On Thu, 10 Mar 2005 20:11:20 +0000, Steve Loughran

The disadvantages
-no obvious 'latest version' in the repository
-harder to field support calls, "what is the hash of your artifacts"?

Not to mention, really complicating the job of upgrading to new versions.

Is there a danger here of solving the 1% case at the expense of the 99% case?


then you have the version and the hash... Think of the hash as similar "alpha", "beta" or "rcN" identifiers (isn't it really? Your just identifying this particular "packaging" of axis-0.0.1.).

But then again, this starts to get into the arena of Jar Signing, and there 
already is facility for that in Jar Artifacts...

-Mark Diggory

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