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> Hi, 
> This message was originally posted to the general@incubator.apache.org
> mailing list. Someone pointed out that such discussion should be carried out
> here instead. So I'm re-posting the original message here. Here it goes: 
> I want to propose a centralized Eclipse update manager site for Apache
> projects/software. 


In thinking about your proposal more I've got a few questions:

Are you looking for plugins that simply fulfill Eclipse project
dependencies or full-fledged plugins that would, for example, allow
you to launch Axis or Tomcat from within Eclipse?  If it's resolving
dependencies, then I don't see how a plugin wrapper around the jars
would do this without some Eclipse code to integrate into the
development environment (WTP,PDE,JDT).  AFAIK providing just a plugin
wrapper would only be useful for other plugin developers, not for a
'end-user' developer who would happen to be using the WTP.

Plugins which extend the IDE to use ASF projects such as a Struts or
Tomcat plugin are already available via various third parties.  Are
you suggesting the ASF should provide its own Eclipse plugins with
similar functionality?

The Eclipse project itself provides some ASF related plugins, most
notably the Tomcat plugin used for Eclipse's help system.  Is this the
sort of plugin you are looking for?  Likewise, Eclipse has started the
new Lepido project for a Cocoon development environment.  Seeing that
Eclipse already hosts ASF related plugins, is there any reason for the
ASF to host a similar update site?

I can see some advantage to providing ASF releases in plugin form but only
for plugin developers, not for most Eclipse end users.


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