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> This is not easy. If there's an Eclipse update manager site for Apache
> software, then when the user finds out s/he needs Tomcat and Axis, all s/he
> needs to do now is launch the Eclipse update manager (URL to the Apache
> update site will be preloaded), select Tomcat and Axis and click Finish. The
> Eclipse update manager will download, install and configure Tomcat and Axis
> automatically. This is much better than asking the user to download and
> configure things manually. Also, this Eclipse update manager site is useful
> when new versions of a Apache software is available. For example: 

What do you mean by "configure"

I ask as I am just back from a workshop on Configuration Management
tools at Edinburgh University, and want to see how far on the path
towards autonomic-system-management you are aiming.

Downloading stuff is easy. Getting it to work is a different problem. 


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