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Configure in this case means the user goes to the Eclipse perference page, choose the version of Tomcat that was downloaded, and point Eclipse to the location where it was unzipped. Nothing major, but not obvious to novice users. Although I'm not similar with what autonomic-system-management is, I don't think this is anything near that.


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Steve Loughran <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>

05/03/2005 04:54 PM

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Re: Proposal for a centralized Eclipse update manager site for Apache projects/software

On 5/3/05, Jeffrey Liu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:

> This is not easy. If there's an Eclipse update manager site for Apache
> software, then when the user finds out s/he needs Tomcat and Axis, all s/he
> needs to do now is launch the Eclipse update manager (URL to the Apache
> update site will be preloaded), select Tomcat and Axis and click Finish. The
> Eclipse update manager will download, install and configure Tomcat and Axis
> automatically. This is much better than asking the user to download and
> configure things manually. Also, this Eclipse update manager site is useful
> when new versions of a Apache software is available. For example:

What do you mean by "configure"

I ask as I am just back from a workshop on Configuration Management
tools at Edinburgh University, and want to see how far on the path
towards autonomic-system-management you are aiming.

Downloading stuff is easy. Getting it to work is a different problem.


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