Brett Porter wrote:

I echo David's sentiments on this. I'd be interested to know what is
in the eclipse metadata you want to attach to the various artifacts in
the repository, and whether any of it coincides with existing metadata
formats in use here, such as the following for parts of jakarta

Its going to be similar, but specific to Eclipse and wrapped up in a Jar file. More specifically, Eclipse plugins are now based in OSGI standards:

To get even more specific plugins require a Manifest file and either of the following (plugin.xml, fragment.xml, or feature.xml). When Eclipse becomes fully OSGI standard, all plugins will be distributed as actual jars whose contents will be accessed using standard java resources, until then these are not real "jars" and get expanded into eclipses plugins directory, thus they contain a heterogeneous mix of static resources, classes and jar archives. The closest thing that I can compare the entire thing to is a Webapplications WAR file.

I don't think this is a question of a new repository, but rather what
we can do to the existing one to better support what you are trying to

Exactly, we'd probably place "WAR"s into our repository, why not OSGI standard plugins. Someday, in a perfect world, you might actually be talking about the same exact thing when you refer to a a Jar on the classpath and a plugin in Maven, Ant, Eclipse, NetBeans ...) then this becomes ultimately powerful.

-Mark Diggory

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