On 5/3/05, Jeffrey Liu <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> wrote:
> Hi Steve, 
> Configure in this case means the user goes to the Eclipse perference page,
> choose the version of Tomcat that was downloaded, and point Eclipse to the
> location where it was unzipped. Nothing major, but not obvious to novice
> users. Although I'm not similar with what autonomic-system-management is, I
> don't think this is anything near that. 

Well, that's all right then. I was worried you were thinking of
configuring tomcat to find a spare port, open a hole in the firewall,
etc etc.

But if you arent doing that, then this proposal is purely for the
Eclipse IDE itself?

That's a bit, well, limited. 

We currently have three ways of distributing stuff
 -on the web, for download
 -as rpms, including jpackage rpms of java stuff
 -as maven/maven2 downloads

RPMs are interesting because although linux-centric (and redhat
centric, to be precise), there are a lot of tools out there than can
pump them out to systems in a cluster; you get good management.

maven repositories are fun because every JAR is on a URL; you can pass
them to a URL classloader as is if you want. The .pom also declares
dependencies for transitive work; a bit like debian apt-get.

We are just starting to roll out Maven2 support, both in Apache and
outside it. I am not (yet) convinced we need
yet-another-archive-format with another set of distributables, and if
it only benefited one IDE, I dont think it is justifiable. It would
surely be better if we had

-a gui client that could work with the existing Apache repositories
-a client build on AWT for broadest cross platform execution. 
-some way of pushing out packages to multiple systems in a cluster
-support per/user, per-system packages
-good auditing to determine package set (with JMX integration)

That is, a Java successor to all the rpm management tools.

Incidentally, one pressing problem with the maven repositories is
there is no easy way to fetch Sun stuff. That is, if I want to use
Axis with mail.jar and activation,jar, you cant get those from the
Apache site for legal reasons. Do you propose any solution to the
clickthrough licensing problem?


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