Niclas Hedhman wrote:

On Wednesday 04 May 2005 20:06, Mark Diggory wrote:

Thats a little pretentious, so Eclipse should support Maven, but not the
other way around? This is not about "every" Apache project having to
release Eclipse plugin format, just those that want to. Its trivial for
a project to organize an artifact directory for Eclipse
plugins/features. And doing so promotes more interoperability between
the two.

My assertion is mostly based on the fact that almost 600 top level group names exist on, and go around asking the same question to a larger group of those seems to me to be very ineffective, especially since the benefit isn't obvious to those who have to do the work.

Sorry if my response sounded abrasive, I'm not trying to be. He was simply asking advice on who to consult on publishing Eclipse artifacts. The ASF Repository list is about discussing this kind of subject.

The benefit is in a greater, more useful "ASF Repository". Initially, they thought they would need a separate "repository" to maintain these distributables. They brought the subject up on the Incubator list because of this, the moderator suggested it was a topic for the repository list (which it is).

The question has now turned into how to physically structure a eclipse plugin/feature distribution in the ASF repository so that it can be accessed using the Eclipse update mechanism. I don't think the goal was to require all TLP's to begin packaging everything to work in the Eclipse updater. Nor, that they have a responsibility to do so, only that if they wish to do so, that they may.

If it ultimately is determined that ASF repository isn't the place for this (which would be sad indeed), then I'd recommend that the plugins just be distributed out of the projects "/www/<project>" directory at Apache (which ultimately defeats our efforts to have a generic repository architecture).

If Maven can generate it without any additional effort, then you have solved it for a chunk of those projects, that's great. I still maintain as a general rule that those who benefit, should also carry the majority of the burden, in this case Eclipse users/developers.


I think many of us wear multiple hats, working on many different OS projects. The burden become less about "who is responsible" and more about "wheres the best place to maintain code/releases".


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