Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm what the best practice would be for running a site with Repoze and 
> Deliverance under mod_wsgi, with Varnish as a web cache.
> The only way I can think to make it work would be to use Varnish on port 
> 80, proxying Apache on some different port, with Repoze under mod_wsgi. 

That's one way.

> I'm sure that'd work, but it'd be a bit annoying for the server I want 
> to configure, since it has some static file serves that wouldn't need 
> Varnish and also uses mod_dav_svn to serve up SVN.

Four other ways:

  - Use Apache's mod_cache stuff instead of Varnish (as you mentioned).

  - Don't run repoze.zope2 under Apache and instead run it under paster serve 
    proxy from Apache thru Varnish.

  - Run two Apache instances:

              Apache (80)
                  | mod_proxy
             Varnish (8888)
                  | http
                Apache (mod_wsgi)

  - Don't use Apache or varnish, and instead use Squid to both do the caching
    and the reverse proxying via its redirector setup.

- C

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