I just released repoze.who 0.7 to dist.repoze.org.

This release has one backwards incompatible change:

  - Change the IMetadataProvider interface: this interface used to have
    a "metadata" method which returned a dictionary.  This method is
    not part of that API anymore.  It's been replaced with an
    "add_metadata" method which has the signature:

     def add_metadata(environ, identity):
         Add metadata to the identity (which is a dictionary)

    The return value is ignored.  IMetadataProvider plugins are now
    assumed to be responsible for 'scribbling' directly on the identity
    that is passed in (it's a dictionary).  The user id can always be
    retrieved from the identity via identity['repoze.who.userid'] for
    metadata plugins that rely on that value.

People who don't use metadata provider plugins don't need to worry about 
updating their code.

- C
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