Hi all,

This year the TG clan is trying to bring the WSGI community together
and have
some planned sprints with host cities across the US.  While the goal
is really
to push TG2 forward, we cannot do it without help from the greater
community.  Getting everyone together through remote connections and
person is a great way to move the ball forward.  I am posting this
I think Repoze has similar goals with a fine Zope patina.  I thought
coordination between the TG Authority guys, and repose.who is great,
and I
would love to see more collaboration in that spirit.  The rest of this
is what has been sent to the greater TG community.

Time we start thinking about an April sprint.  Let's see if we can
knock off the last few items an get TG2 at alpha.  What Saturday or
Sunday next month will work best for you?  I propose April 25 or 26.
Once we settle on an April date, I will ask the Front Range Pythoneers
if we can use their establishment for a localized sprint.  The third
week is a good one to use because our meeting happens every third
wednesday, so it gives me an opportunity to advertise our sprint.  We
usually pick up 3 or 4 programmers here in Boulder.

Does anyone want to be a host city for April or May?  In fact, I would
like to narrow down host cities for the rest of the year.

Personally, I'd like to host a TG/Pylons/WSGI sprint in Denver/Boulder
the last weekend in June.  This is a great time of year for hiking and
general exploring.  There is very little avalanche risk in the
mountains, the snow gullies are firm and crampon-able, and the nights
are still cool, even if the days are warm.  I'd be happy to take a day
before and/or after the sprints off and show people around.  I can
also offer up my humble abode, as I will probably be sending my wife
and children to visit relatives out of town.  I'll even feed/beer
anyone who wants to stay here.   I'll have 4 beds available.  Denver
is central to the US, so flights are cheap, and I'll even pick
everyone up at the airport if you all coordinate to meet in the same
3-4 hour period.  (we can kick off with some beers at the airport
while waiting for arrivals (free wi-fi there).)

Feel free to email me personally if you are interested.

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