New submission from Reinout van Rees <[EMAIL PROTECTED]>:

plone.openid does a redirect to the relevant openid provider with a Redirect
exception. That's ok.
Normally, a Redirect exception gets caught correctly in invoke() inside
But there's a before_invoke() which doesn't catch that exception.
Add inside before_invoke is a self._get_user()..... => the plone.openid 
Should be just a matter of catching the Redirect exception there, too. But I
really have to do customer work right now and I don't have a testing sandbox set
up yet. So I can do this later on if someone hasn't done it by then.
To verify the issue, just log in to with
some openid.

messages: 95
nosy: reinout
priority: bug
status: unread
title: plone openid gives "Redirect" traceback

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