I think what you might be seeing if you're using the configuration of 
implied by 
is that the thing that shows the challenge (the form plugin) is configured 
statically, e.g. (from that file):

     form = RedirectingFormPlugin('/login', '/login_handler', '/logout_handler',

The first argument there is the "login_form_url".  That's the URL that 
repoze.who will redirect to when a login is required.  You probably need to 
change this to support your environment.

- C

percious wrote:
> So, I almost have my project up and running on the production server.
> The thing is, I have a large server with many applications, and they
> are all mounted at the highest level of the global tree: ie
> http://my.ip.address.com/plone
> http://my.ip.address.com/tg2app
> All the applications are routed with apache using:
> <VirtualHost *>
>           DocumentRoot /my/tg2app/public
>           ProxyPass /tg2app/
>           ProxyPassReverse /tg2app/
>       ...
> </VirtualHost>
> ok, so this all works fine with wsgi, all I have to do is add
> something like:
> [filter:proxy-prefix]
> use = egg:PasteDeploy#prefix
> prefix = /tg2app
> [app:main]
> filter-with = proxy-prefix
> to my ini file and it works.
> Until I go to login.
> For whatever reason, the login script keeps sending me back to the
> root...  Is there a fix for this?
> Also, once I have that working, it appears that I will have a
> requirement to authenticate using Apache's authentication (ick) is
> there a way to send the Apache Authentication over to repoze.who?
> cheers.
> -chris
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