Alberto Valverde wrote:
>> Hi Alberto,
>> Thanks!  I applied a slightly modified version of this patch:
>> The code can be checked out from .
> Awesome, thanks :)
> I'll remove my temporary implementation from rum and use repoze.tm2 now
> instead and tell you how it goes... Then I'll take ata sb at integrating
> it in turbogears2 (this is why I'm cross-posting to tg-trunk)
> BTW, where can I tell pkg_resources to pull repoze.tm2 as a distribution's
> requirement from? Are you planning to register it at PyPI like everyone
> else does? ;)

Our release situation is a little complicated right now.  There's another 
version named "" that is used by "repoze.zope2".  The difference 
between and repoze.tm2 is that depends not only on 
"transaction" but also on all of ZODB ("transaction" is a package that up until 
recently always shipped as part of ZODB).

It's appropriate for "repoze.zope2" to depend on ZODB, and thus for it to use wholesale, not trying to use a standalone "transaction" package.  But 
it's our intent to retire "" and start to use repoze.tm2 for all of 
projects.  But that requires a couple days worth of development to tease apart 
ZODB dependencies our releases of Zope2 so it can use separate "ZODB" and 
"transaction" packages.  And each version of Zope would need to be tested to 
make sure this works, which is probably another day or two worth of effort.  We 
just haven't done the work.

So, long story short, I've been afraid to release *either* or 
repoze.tm2 until I had the time to sort all that out.  I'd still rather not 
release either to PyPI but I'll go ahead and create a release of "repoze.tm2" 
an index on (which will also contain the transaction package).

- C

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