Chris McDonough wrote:
> It's unlike Grok inasmuch as:
>   - It doesn't try to hide ZCML for configuration.

I think I'd add to this that it uses the world of WSGI as the starting 
point, leveraging WebOb for request/response, FormEncode, Paste, etc. 
There are initiatives in the world of Zope/Grok to use WSGI in addition 
to "normal" (Zope) infrastructure.

But "normal" in repoze.bfg is WSGI.

> If I were to characterize it succintly and informally, I migh say it's a bit 
> like Django built around graph traversal dispatch instead of URL-based 
> dispatch.

During the last week I've been playing around with repoze.bfg. 
repoze.bfg is thin enough that I understood it pretty quickly.  Some of 
its weight comes from stuff (WebOb) that I intended to learn anyway.

If you like Zope-style programming, but are looking for something 
lighter and WSGI-focused, you'll like repoze.bfg.

> Speed is a priority.  A "hello world" template is currently clocking in at 
> around 550 req/sec on my MacBook (including security lookups).

Yesterday I plugged in XSLT as a templating language.  It took around 6 
lines for the naive approach and around 20 lines for the faster version. 
  It also got around the same speed.

I'm not planning to check it in as I believe the universe of people 
interested in it might be rather small. [wink]  I think templating and 
the rest of repoze.bfg will continue evolving, and having a second 
templating model is premature.

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