Wichert Akkerman <[EMAIL PROTECTED]> writes:

> megrok.trails allows you to do routes-style traversal from a content
> object. z3c.routes (far from usable still) allows the same but goes a
> bit further in that it allows the publisher to continue with
> content/graph-based traversal after it has processed a route...

Unless I misunderstand the feature that is being described, the
megrok.trails package offers that feature as well: once a Trail has been
followed, landing you at content object, URL traversal keeps going as
normal from that object - for example, if the route leaves you with
several more URL components left and the object is a container, then
Zope will look inside the container to try to find the name that comes
next in the URL.

> I've often had a wish to be able to combine the two so you can start
> with contrnt traversal to get to an object and use a routes-style
> traverser from there to find the right controller.

I would be interested in seeing some useful examples of this done up as,
say, plain Grok traversers with if-else statements in them or something,
and look at how the if-else cascade could be eliminated by some sort of
registry for the "parameterized view" you talk about.  Are you thinking
about something like the Flickr URL:


where "tags" is kind-of-like a View that uses the element following it
as a parameter?

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