Martijn Faassen wrote:
> Could you be more explicit about what exactly in Grok was making too 
> many assumptions?

First a word on terminology: I mean Grok, the framework, not the 
declarative extensions to the component architecture (which I simply 
haven't gotten to yet).

We felt that Grok was too much about object publishing; there's a model 
and a view for that model (and that view has a template). This didn't 
fit so well into our approach.

On Vudo, the view is always a "layout". It's then up to the layout to 
provide regions in which you can plug in a "region content provider". 
Typically, you'd plug in at least the following:

-- Title provider: Renders the title of the page (in <title></title>)
-- Content provider: Renders the content of the page as widgets

There are many more options to this scheme. You could plug in a portlet 
manager, or a viewlet manager or a global navigation.

Next, we didn't want to use ZODB, because we wanted to try something 
completely different. So now we've written Dobbin which pretty much 
emulates ZODB, but on a SQL storage (so much for trying something new).

I like Grok and I think it's great for writing Zope *applications*; but 
we didn't find it such a good match for Vudo. I still want to try 
grokcore.component because there are some obvious candidates for 
declarative component setup in a system like ours (content-types, 
widgets, forms, etc.).


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