Chris McDonough wrote:
> I had planned to create another package named repoze.lemonade which:
>   - Did indexing of content.

What were you thinking of for indexing?  Just catalog stuff?  More general?

There's been a tension in the opencore stuff with the catalog, mostly 
that it's easy to setup and use for things, but it doesn't really work 
for things outside of the ZODB.  Or, I guess theoretically you could 
catalog things not in the ZODB, but it's never happened.

That said, there's a real need for cross-system indexing of different 
kinds.  There's text search indexes, but other kinds of more strict 
indexes also make sense.  It would be very handy to have an index that 
wasn't tied to the ZODB, a database, or anything else.  (It could be 
implemented using the ZODB or a database, of course.)

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