On Tuesday August 26, 2008 22:05:55 Gustavo Narea wrote:
> I already have the LDAP IAuthenticator plugin, but I don't know how you
> would prefer that I write the tests for it, since it requires an LDAP
> server running. Should we assume that it's installed where the tests are
> ran? Or, should we rely on a public LDAP server? The problem about the
> public one is that it'd be hard to test when the entry does exist and the
> password is valid (what if we rely on a record that is removed later?).

And of course, the person that runs the test should not only have a LDAP 
server running, but this server should also have an entry with the same 
Distinguished Name (DN) as the one used in the test.

Does anybody have a better solution? I guess there must be a better solution.
Gustavo Narea.

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