Chris McDonough wrote:
> I just went after doing this (Carlos created eggs for it, thanks Carlos!).  
> I'm
> not done yet, but hopefully soon.
> I forgot what a nightmare matching up what's in "" to what's in
> the egg-based release is.

Really? As far as I recall, all Plone installers and plone.recipe.plone 
are made off, so it shouldn't be that hard. Perhaps 
you're using the wrong version/branch?

>  I'll finish this one, then I'll have to start to beg
> for help doing this part of the job going forward, as I don't use Plone for
> hobby work and we (Agendaless) really only need egg-based Plone releases as we
> get Plone jobs down the pike.
> 3.2 is supposed to be all eggs, correct?

Yep. All for you. :)


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