Martin Aspeli wrote:
> Chris McDonough wrote:
>> I just went after doing this (Carlos created eggs for it, thanks Carlos!).  
>> I'm
>> not done yet, but hopefully soon.
>> I forgot what a nightmare matching up what's in "" to what's in
>> the egg-based release is.
> Really? As far as I recall, all Plone installers and plone.recipe.plone 
> are made off, so it shouldn't be that hard. Perhaps 
> you're using the wrong version/branch?

Actually, it turned out to not be that hard; I needed to check  that there are
no *new* eggs to list in the meta-egg, which honestly wasn't very bad.  When I
wrote that message I was trying to make a new index by trying to delta off the
last release.  But that was madness, so I got smart and just started a new set
of eggs based on cutting and pasting code from that downloaded
them for me.

easy_install -i repoze.plone


easy_install -i repoze.plone


- C

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